Show Review: Catalyst with RBF on 09/13/09

October 20, 2009

Suburban Legends

Originally uploaded by Melissa Rachel Black

Melissa Black, who is an amazing photographer, has just written up a review of the September 13th show at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA.

Based on her review of Suburban Legends, she seems to have been aware of them prior to the show, but you can tell from her tone that she is more of a Reel Big Fish fan.

Her photos from the event are great and her description of the “wild guitar battle” between Aaron Barrett and Brian Klemm is hilarious. I wish I could have seen that interaction at one of the shows as both of them are such amazing showmen.

Be sure to check out her other reviews and photos and wish her luck studying abroad.

[Underneath the Bodhi Tree]


Offical Photos from OCMA 2009

April 10, 2009
SL on the Red Carpet

Photo by Christopher Victorio

Christopher Victorio, the official photographer for OCMA 2009 has posted over 300 photos from the event on his Flicker and Myspace accounts. The Flicker set has 4 more photos in the set (not necessilarly of SL), but if you want to comment so everyone on MySpace can see it, you can go that way. Both are the same quality and can be viewed without being logged in. Read the rest of this entry »