Suburban Legends on Rock Band? It could happen!

July 17, 2009

Photo by Adam Foster

MTV Networks has just announced an upcoming service for Rock Band called the Rock Band Network. This service will help bands create and release tracks that are compatible with Rock Band and allow fans to rock out to their favorite artist no matter who they are. But let’s be clear, this is not a fan service, it is entirely up to the band to take control and produce the tracks.  It will be a lot of work, but they will be able to gain a little profit (only 30% of sales), but more importantly, they will be able to gain more popularity via another medium.

So, of course I would love to see Suburban Legends take advantage of this service. I’m already so starved for something like this I’ve uploaded some songs into the Xbox game “Lips” so I could sing karaoke to their music. But who wouldn’t want to belt it out like Vince or drum along with Derek, or strum like Mikey or Brian on those plastic guitars. Sorry no plastic horn instruments, yet. Read the rest of this entry »