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I first heard Suburban Legends before they were even called Suburban Legends. I am one of the fortunate few to have a copy of the Bomb Squad Demo CD. I was given the cd by my mother who was organizing entertainment for a youth function at our church and was looking for bands. She asked me to listen to it and let her know if it was appropriate for a church function. I popped this CD in and was instantly hooked.

Shortly there after Bomb Squad’s changed their name to Suburban Legends and their line-up was rotated, which included Brian Klemm as the guitarist. Brian and I have been friends since middle school, so when he joined Suburban Legends I was beyond excited. I was a huge supporter of this band before, but now I had a longtime friend in the band I became dedicated to encouraging their success.

I can fondly remember going to many of their early shows and being one of the few dancing. Some of the shows that stick out in my mind was their show at the Galaxy with Drake 24/7 (which Derek reminded me was his first show with the band), their free show at the Huntington Beach Surf Museum where they gave away their demo cassette, and countless shows at Chain Reaction, including the release of the Origin Edition CD. I often think back to those days and wish it could be just the 20 people in the back of Chain Reaction dancing our hearts out to the music we love, instead of the sweaty crowded venues that Suburban Legends routinely plays now, but I am more than happy for their success.

It is with this blog that I will continue to strive for the success of Suburban Legends. As they continue to make infectious music that fans want to dance to, I will continue to introduce others to this music and have them dance with me until we are all dancing like nobody’s watching.


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