June Videos from Disneyland TLT Dance Club

Still photos are all fine and good, but the real magic of Suburban Legends comes from their overall performance, from the dance routines, playful banter, and let’s not forget the music. Suburban Legends always puts on a good show and they are not afraid to experiment with the crowd. Their performances at TLT Dance Club were no exception and the videos I was able to find on YouTube include singing to a Disney cast member on their birthday and drum solos while blindfolded as well as exceptional music.

While the overall performances of Suburban Legends was excellent, I wanted to point out a few things I noticed in all the videos. First, big thanks to Justin Lewis, Byron Panopio, and Aaron Bertram for being special guests. Second, I noticed that Aaron has taken his past experience from Suburban Legends and current experience as a Disney cast member and meshed them together to really try to pump up the crowd. Aaron is at the front of the stage a lot of the time right next to Vince and both are getting the crowd really energized. As only a guest/temporary member, I’m surprised how much Aaron was at the forefront, but whatever works to keep the crowd going. Finally, I am quite pleased with the progression of Vince as the lead singer. From his first show in this role at iMusiCast in 2005 to these recent videos, Vince’s voice has matured and provides more clarity, power, and is a lot less pitchy, dawg.

The most comprehensive YouTube videos for these performances come from user xawesomexskaxmusicx who seems to be a huge SL fan because of the 32 total videos she’s uploaded, 31 are of Suburban Legends taken over the course of 2 years. For this recent performances at Tomorrowland Terrace, she uploaded 12 videos from the June 13th date. The video of Suburban Legends singing “Happy Birthday” to Allison is cute, and Brian Klemm’s jumping into the crowd while singing a cover of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”, but their performance of the “Duck Tales Theme Song” stands out as the best of the bunch because it is such a fun song and it is one of the least jittery videos of the group (no offense).

YouTube user takenbysurprise87 was also at the June 13th show and she had a much better angle for videos and a better camera with stereo sound, but the sound of Suburban Legends’ sexiness is periodically interrupted by her fangirl screaming and singing along. Not to say that she’s not sexy too(can’t tell, her myspace link goes to some 49 year old lady in New York). I pick the cover of “Build Me Up, Buttercup” as the best of this group, just because she got a great angle where you can see Brian singing on the left side of the frame, and then on the right side you can see Robot, Aaron, and Vince singing backup and acting silly. Classic Suburban Legends.

lofimosh only uploaded 3.5 videos of  Suburban Legends on the night of the 13th. Three seem to be from their first set, with one final clip of him videotaping 3 raver kids at TLT Dance Club who are dancing to SL’s music. My guess is he is not a huge SL fan, but he did seem to stick around from the first set until dark when the raver kids emerged, so I might be wrong. While filming he stay pretty far back, so you get to see a good view of the entire stage and the crowd. The winner from this group is definitely the raver kids because of the ridiculous way the look. What is that on the guy’s heads, Princess Leia buns?

There were a few other single video uploads done by other YouTube users. Below are the quicklinks to each.

Suburban Legends will return to play at Disneyland’s TLT Dance Club on July 3rd and 4th. Please check this link for additional dates.


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