June Pics from TLT Dance Club

Photo by Evan Wohrman

Photo by Evan Wohrman

One week after Suburban Legends’ performances on June 12th and 13th at Tomorrowland Terrace, enough photos have been posted to merit a blog post. There isn’t a lot of photos, but the few that have crawled in are quite good quality. I spent a few days crawling around Flickr and Picasa, and was able to find that as apparently no SL fans like Picasa, but there are a few Flickr users who are SL fans.

Flickr user -Pacis- posted 28 photos in the set from the June 12th performance. There is a hilarious photo of Derek in the set, but my favorite has to be this photo of Vince wearing a Ducktales shirt and belting out a tune.

SL Superfan Evan Wohrman made it to both TLT Dance Club shows and took 20 pictures for both nights. He also managed to get the best group photo I’ve seen in a long time, and thanks to him for releasing it under creative commons so I could use it in this post. But the best photo of the set I think has to go to this picture of Mikey on bass. Nice angle, good lighting, no goofy face (see previously mentioned picture of Derek).

User DannyElfmansSecret posted 17 photos from the June 13 performances. She managed to get a great shot of almost everyone on stage, except Vince and Derek, and a great shot of Brian Klemm, which I would have to say this is my favorite of the set.

Flickr user Jon Delorey seems to have been on of the lucky few who’s planned trip to Disneyland with his YRUU religious youth group happened to be June 13, so he got to see Suburban Legends. Not sure if he was a fan, but several of his photos make reference to some of the other attendees being fans. Only 9 photos from the set are of Suburban Legends, but these are some of the most high energy photos I’ve seen of Suburban Legends. Great angles, bright colors, and nice action shots. Favorite photo of this set is actually just a vanity shot of 2 of the fans while Suburban Legends is the background, but each of the band members you can see are doing something interesting. Cute girls and Suburban Legends, that’s a win!

Coming soon, the videos from YouTube.

Click here for a list of upcoming Suburban Legends performances at Disneyland’s TLT Dance Club.


3 Responses to June Pics from TLT Dance Club

  1. jondelorey says:

    Hello and thanks for the complements on my photos. As you said in your blog I did just happen to be at Disneyland when Suburban Legends was playing and actually had never heard of them (being a child of the 60s I am a little out of touch (but only a little)).

    So, what did I think of them? I was very surprised. They’re all very accomplished, great entertainers and I enjoyed the music. …and they are great to photograph. I do have quite a few more photos that I didn’t post, but if I get some time I’ll add them to Flickr and the Suburban Legends pool on Flickr.
    -Jon Delorey

  2. evanwohrman says:

    Hey thanks for plugging my photos! I’ve never gotten around to licensing all my photos under Creative Commons (I did on that particular one, as I uploaded it to Wikipedia under CC as well), but I suppose I shall, because I certainly don’t mind sharing my photos with the world!

    Thanks again!

  3. jondelorey says:

    I put up a few more concert photos and collected them all in a set here.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonsphotos/sets/72157620146319347/

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