Countdown to the Disneyland Show

Photo by Martina Josette

Photo by Martina Josette

Suburban Legends fans have been waiting eagerly for their performances at Disneyland this Friday and Saturday. But Suburban Legends have played at Disneyland hundreds of times, so this might end up being somewhat anticlimactic. Why? Because from what I’ve been reading on message boards and on twitter, what fans are looking forward to the most is the new lineup, and what fans are going to see on Friday and Saturday isn’t necessarily the new line up, but probably just their temporary line up.

SL has said that Aaron Bertram is only slated for the summer season, and the other trumpet and trombone players seen in some twitpics might just be placeholders too. The replacement auditions are probably still be going on, because as early as a May 27, Suburban Legends had twittered that they were still auditioning new members. And that was after they showed the pics of the 4 horns practicing.

So, my fellow SL fans, should you not be excited for the Disneyland show? Of course not. But what you should be looking forward to is the chance to hear some of the songs that could be on their upcoming ska album. Suburban Legends should be trying out at least one or two of their new ska songs and gauging the crowds reaction. So if you like a song, really show it. Yell, scream, and shake it (but don’t break it).

But what Suburban Legends really should be looking at are the people in the back and gauging their reaction. These are not the fans, but just tourists passing through, and if they are smiling, dancing, or enjoying the songs, then you know the song is really good and fun, and in essence a true Suburban Legends song.


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