What’s your favorite Suburban Legends Song?

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Suburban Legends just asked their fans to twitter their Top 3 favorite songs. The response was not bad, so being the nerd I am, I took those results and graphed them for your viewing pleasure. Graphs are cool (and colorful)!

As of this writing, Bright Spring Morning is the front runner, but I wonder which version people prefer; the ballad version from Dance Like Nobody’s Watching or the get-up-and-dance version from Rump Shaker.

Second favorite is going to High Fives, but Do It For the Kids is right on it’s tail. There is a four way tie for fourth place between Car 54, Hey DJ, I Want More, and Powerful Game. Although I genuinely like Car 54, it received most of it’s votes because one fan asked all his followers on Twitter to vote for it. I could have thrown out the votes, but I thought it was funny.

I was surprised to see Desperate not score higher, as it usually is a crowd favorite at shows and is their #1 bestseller on Amazon.com.

Although it might be a little premature to post the results, most responses to a tweet will come within 4-6 hours of the original post, so I don’t expect the results to change too much, as this post was written 7 hours after the Suburban Legends tweet.

Twitter your Top 3 SL Songs


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