Suburban Legends Tour Pre-Announcement

Photos by Suburban Legends

Photo by Suburban Legends

With Suburban Legends constantly twittering that they are holding band practice, writing songs, and working on demos, one might think they are getting ready for a hot summer tour. Well, unfortunately for fans, Suburban Legends has just tweeted that they will not be touring this summer, but instead they will be focusing on writing the ska album & auditioning new members.” That’s understandable. At least they planning on heading out on the road as soon as FALL to play all our new songs.”

With the exit of Luis Beza, Suburban Legends has been holding auditions for trumpet players during the last month and coming months. We even wrote a quick guide on how to submit a better audition video. But joining Suburban Legends as a horn player isn’t as easy as picking up the sheet music and playing along. Suburban Legends are known for their dance routines, and learning each of them for a 1 hour stage show takes time. Suburban Legends has confirmed that Aaron Bertram will be filling in for at least the Disneyland shows on June 12th and 13th, so he should remember the basics of many of the dances from his former days as a trumpet player and backup vocals in the band.

Photo by Suburban Legends

Photo by Suburban Legends

Besides breaking in the new horn section, Suburban Legends is writing their new, all ska album. With the addition of the new horns, bringing the total to four hornsmen, it seems like Suburban Legends might be serious about returning to their ska roots. If other fans are like me, we’re hoping that is the Rump Shaker style of ska. I, personally, loved every song on that album.

There are several songs that Suburban Legends has played live from time to time, that I would love to see make it on this upcoming album. Suburban Legends has indirectly confirmed that “Moving Closer” will be on the listing, but other songs include “Black & White” from their iMusiCast show, “Little Secrets”, and “Desperate Part 2 (You’re Girlfriend’s Pretty)”. Come on Suburban Legends, make it happen.


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