Preliminary hearing in death of Suburban Legends Trombonist

Photo by Joe Gratz

Photo by Joe Gratz

Today was the preliminary hearing for Youn Bum Lee, 41, who is on trial for the death of Suburban Legends trombonist Ryan Dallas Cook. If you need a recap of the events surrounding Ryan’s tragic death, please read my previous post. Members of Suburban Legends were in the court all day and provided Twitter updates to keep family, friends, and fans who couldn’t make it to the proceedings.

The day got started a little behind schedule when Vince tweeted that the defense was late. Dalas Kruse mentioned that it was Pretty sobering seeing [Lee] in shackles” and You can feel the air/mood shift as he walked in. Eery.”

The first witness was a Hyundai coworker who assisted Lee the day after the accident up until he left the country. This testimony went slow because a translator was required by the witness. The prosecutor, as described by Derek as a smart, sophisticated on-point woman” was able to get the witness to establish that he “may be changing his story” from statements given in 2005.

The twittering regarding the second witness was sketchy at best, but it was established that this witness was much more straight forward and to the point.” This might have been due to the fact she did not require a translator. It was again established that both witnesses keep changing some of their statements making this whole thing really ridiculous.” No details regarding the topics of this witness were given by any members of the band.

The final witness of the day, a Hyundai affiliate, was questioned regarding the business dinner the night of the accident.” The prosecution asked “specifically about the alcohol consumption prior to the accident.”

The day ended positively as a day like this could, with Vince overhearing the prosecution stating, I’m just getting on a roll here!” Suburban Legends then went back to practice with 4 horns for their upcoming show at Disneyland! Brian probably has to teach the dance moves to the new horn players. I know I’m excited, but probably can’t make it.

Court is expected to reconvene on June 10th at 10am at the Superior Court of California on 700 Civic Center Dr, Santa Ana, CA 92701. If you plan to attend this session, please remember to dress appropriately.


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