Trumpet Player Auditions

Photo by Steve Wampler

Photo by Steve Wampler

Suburban Legends has updated their website with detail regarding the audition process for prospective replacements for the void Luis left. Oh, and they finally did confirm Luis has left the band over “creative differences”.

So Suburban Legends are counting on the power of the internet to help them find a new trumpet player, but they are not opposed to hearing other horn instruments, so maybe they’ll increase the horn section back up to 3 or 4 tooters. So if you can play a horn instrument and can commit to being in Suburban Legends, then they are asking for you to submit a video with 4 components:

  1. A little about yourself. I would keep this section under 1 minute. Also, don’t just sit in front of the camera and say you like long walks on the beach. Be outgoing and actually go to the beach and film your self on the beach saying you like long walks or playing frisbee golf or doing whatever activities you like. Show your video editing skills and creativity.
  2. Warming up. “Things like scales, long tones, basic exercises… We want to get a taste of how you get ready to play.” Keep this under a minute also.
  3. Play a song of your choice. Pick something with range that is within your ability. I would follow the American Idol model announce your song choice  and play a capella. Do only the first verse and chorus of 2 different songs, preferably in the ska genre. This should take 2-3 minutes tops for both songs. Also, be animated and make it entertaining. This is SL, so if you get picked you will need to learn choreographed dance routines, might as well show them you have the ability to dance as well.
  4. Play a Suburban Legends song. I would suggest you stick to something from their last 3 CDs, as this is most of what they play at live shows. Play the full song, from start to finish, which most of their songs are less than 4 minutes. Turn the sound down on your stereo so you can still hear it, but they really want to hear you play. Set up a stage area, and film yourself from a distance so they can see how you would behave on stage, even when you aren’t playing.

This should make the video run about 8 minutes and keep it interesting for the guys. Also, show your style. Dress like you would be performing at a show by styling your hair, or accessorizing. See Brian Klemm for examples. Good luck!


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  1. […] for trumpet players during the last month and coming months. We even wrote a quick guide on how to submit a better audition video. But joining Suburban Legends as a horn player isn’t as easy as picking up the sheet music […]

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