Review of Cardiff Show – 02/24/2009

by Steven Burnett

Photo by Steven Burnett

The review may be over 2 months old, but it just came across my news feed. While Sububan Legends was playing is Cardiff, UK with Reel Big Fish and Random Hand, Steven Burnett was listening and observing. He writes reviews for The Music Fix, a UK based music site, and his review has highlights from the show from each of the three bands that played.

Burnett admits that he wasn’t expecting much from the evening, but seems pleasantly surprized with Random Hand and Suburban Legends. Not to say he didn’t like Reel Big Fish, he just sums up their performance stating “Reel Big Fish are verging on becoming a tribute band to themselves. ”

But I think it’s Suburban Legends’ performance that leaves the best impression. “These are dreary times and bands like Suburban Legends exist to kick your tedious life into touch for a couple of fun packed hours.” I couldn’t agree more. Suburban Legends may not be as poetic as Radiohead or political as Green Day, but few can match the sheer fun Suburban Legends generates at each and every show.

Reel Big Fish/Suburban Legends/Random Hand Review


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