Mikey’s trip to San Francisco

Mikey in San Francisco

Photo by Mike Hachey

During this past Easter weekend, Mike Hachey took a trip to San Francisco and has been kind enough to post a few pictures to his MobileMe gallery of  him and his girlfriend (who looked stunning at the OCMA the previous week) traveling around California. The photos include a stops where Mikey played a set with Dallas Kruse at Mother’s Tavern in San Luis Obispo and another location in San Francisco, as well as photos in other various locations around San Francisco.

The photos have nothing to do with Suburban Legends, except that Mikey, the bassist, is in/taking them, and no other members of the band are in any of them (unless you count Dallas K).

Some of the photos I thought were interesting include Mikey flashing his blues, this dark photo of Mikey on stage, a cute photo of Mikey and his girlfriend kissing (extra points for sharing the scarf), and I’m a little concerned about this photo (what no rest stops).  On the last day, Mikey is wearing this “Cake Is Awesome” shirt from Threadless around town. Dashing.


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