Offical Photos from OCMA 2009

SL on the Red Carpet

Photo by Christopher Victorio

Christopher Victorio, the official photographer for OCMA 2009 has posted over 300 photos from the event on his Flicker and Myspace accounts. The Flicker set has 4 more photos in the set (not necessilarly of SL), but if you want to comment so everyone on MySpace can see it, you can go that way. Both are the same quality and can be viewed without being logged in.

There are photos of SL posing on the red carpet as a group as well as a few of them with their dates, there are about 20 photos of them performing on stage, and a handful of photos of them relaxing off stage including one photo of them hanging out with Aaron Barrett of Reel Big Fish fame.

Congratulations to Venus Infers, who beat out Suburban Legends and the Offspring for taking home the honor of Best Album, as well as winning awards for Best Alternative and Best Indie band. Definately a group to keep an eye on.

SL on Stage

Photo by Christopher Victorio

Hopefully next year SL will be honored with being nomonated again, but I’d like to see them nominated for Best Live Band. How did they get skipped for that category?


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  1. […] post a few pictures to his MobileMe gallery of  him and his girlfriend (who looked stunning at the OCMA the previous week) traveling around California. The photos include a stops where Mikey played a set with Dallas Kruse […]

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