Content is King

When I decided to do this blog, I wanted to make it interesting to visit on a regular basis. The problem is I cannot follow the band around all the time to let everyone know what they are up to. Add to the fact that I am no longer living in the LA/Orange County area, so I don’t get the opportunity to go to Suburban Legends shows as often as I would like. But should that stop me from continuing to publish a blog about my favorite band? No!

So the dilemma becomes how can I make content with a band in which I don’t have contact? Again, I will need to rely heavily on the fan community to help keep me up to date on all things SL. In addition to this, I’ve decided to try to create my own original content. Well, as original as I can get, but it will still be based on Suburban Legends.

Already I’ve come up with numerous ideas, as well as begun creating the content that I will soon unleash to the public. Are you excited yet? Well you should be. Honestly, I am very excited, because some of these ideas I have been working on in my head for 5+ years and it will be nice to see them become real.  I’m looking forward to being less cryptic very soon, but I need to tease. Get ready to start experiencing Suburban Legends in a whole new way.


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